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IAQ Technologies, Inc. was formed in 1990 by President and CEO, Bob Krell.


We are a small privately-held corporation based in Syracuse, NY providing indoor environmental consulting, training and remediation services for a wide range of clients throughout the country and abroad.

Indoor Environments are our only business.

We are not a national franchise with some far away corporate office and a big mass media marketing strategy. We are not carpet cleaners-turned restoration firm-turned mold remediator-turned building performance contractor. We don't do lawn care or pest control. Our ONLY focus is to make your indoors a better place to be.   We provide our clients with the professional support they need to create a healthier, comfortable, and more energy efficient indoor environment in their offices, schools, healthcare facilities, or residences.

IAQ Technologies is dedicated to customer service and maintaining leading edge technology in the indoor environmental and building performance industries. Our goal remains the same since our inception over two decades ago: To provide our clients with Proven Solutions for Healthier, Energy Efficient Indoor Environments.


Contact us today for more information on how we can help you meet your indoor environmental needs.

Putting the pieces together

Can you really solve a puzzle without all the pieces? At IAQ Technologies, we don’t think so. Indoor air quality, building science, energy performance and sustainability must all be considered today.  You need a firm that understands how to meet all of  these ever increasing demands.

That’s why we’ve made a conscious effort to bring a “Total Building” approach to working with your indoor environmental and building performance issues. Solutions to indoor environmental issues are as diverse as the problems themselves. IAQ Technologies brings a unique combination of consulting and remediation field experience and training capability to address your specific needs.

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