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 4 requirements for mold growth

Over the past decade, there has been ever-increasing public concern over indoor mold.   Indoor mold has been linked to a host of adverse health issues and property losses.  Mold is also a leading concern for builders and property managers due to increased liability and decreased marketability.  If faced with a potential mold problem at your property, you need credible information and straight answers to help you get the problem resolved quickly.

IAQ Technologies was one of the first firms in the country specializing in Mold Testing & Consulting and Mold Remediation in the early-1990s.  We introduced dry ice cryo-blasting technology in mold remediation in 2000, and developed the industry’s first mold remediation supervisor training/certification program with the American Indoor Air Quality Council (now the ACAC). More that 1,000 mold remediation supervisors nationwide attended our training classes.  While most companies follow the trends with the rest of the pack, we prefer the view from up front!

 "I Think I Have Mold...Now What Do I DO?"  We've compiled some of our client's most commonly asked questions when they call us on a possible mold situation in their home.

We also have a new consumer informational video webinar on Facebook titled, "Mold Basics 2011".  You can watch it for FREE right now just by clicking on the link and "Liking us" on Facebook!