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Radon Awareness Week Highlights Dangers of the Gas


Radon Awareness Week Highlights Dangers of the Gas

This is a fan that is installed as part of a radon mitigation system. © Michael Horn, 2011

by Michael Horn (Syracuse) – Lucia Davis and her husband are having a radon mitigation system installed.  She says radon is worrying, because they spend time in their basement, where the radon enters the house.

“I have a grandchild who plays down there a lot.  We have a game room down there.  And so that bothered me, too, to have him exposed to those gases.  So that’s the main reason we decided to have the radon taken care of.”

October 17 through 24 is Radon Awareness Week.  Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into houses through the ground.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 20,000 people die each year from lung cancer caused by radon exposure.

Radon mitigation systems

IAQ Technologies is one local company that installs radon mitigation systems.  Mitigation systems lessen the amount of radon that enters homes by using some pipes and a fan to alter the air pressure and draw the radon outside.

Barry Bourgeois installs these systems for IAQ.  He says they install four to five systems each week.  He says they run the system for a day after it is installed, then they recheck the radon levels to be sure it is working.

“The system itself is preventing new radon from coming into the space.  The radon has a halflife of four hours, so after 24 hours, the ambient radon should be to a testable level.”

Davis says the benefits of having a system installed outweigh the costs.

A map from the EPA showing the radon potential in New York.

“Why take a chance?  It’s worth whatever cost to be around a long time.”

Radon tests

Home radon test kits are avilable from home improvement stores and from the Onondaga County Health Department.  Bourgeois says they can be as accurate as professional tests, but professional tests have more detail.

“All they do is they give one average instead of an hour-by-hour indication instead of what’s going on over that 48 hour period.  If we have during that 48 hours a strong storm that comes through, strong windstorm or rainstorm, we’ll have a spike in radon that will effect the overall average over those 48 hours.”

Bourgeois says changes in air pressure affect how much radon comes into a house.  He also says winter sees slightly higher radon levels than summer.

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IAQ at the 2011 CNY Parade of Homes


IAQMAN knows how to throw a party...

Ladies Night from the IAQ Technologies booth in the Mark Antony Homes' house at the 2011 CNY Parade of Homes...and yes, that is karaoke, along with food and beverage!

IAQ would like to thank all the wonderful people that stopped by to see us at this year's parade--Hope you enjoyed the Bananas Foster from Chefs Bob & Steve too.

Special thanks to Mark Antony Homes for allowing us to invade your garage with over 700 lbs of bananas!