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Moisture/Water Intrusion

earth from spaceFact: Three-quarters of our planet is actually covered by water. That figure shouldn’t include your building!

Water happens.  Water can come suddenly in the form of a catastrophic water event like a flood, roof ice damming, or a major indoor plumbing failure. It can also take the form of hidden moisture and come slowly over time from condensation, minor plumbing leaks, infiltration of unconditioned outside air through leaky exterior walls, or a host of other ways.  Whatever its form, water/moisture is a bad thing when it comes to your property.

flood in school basement Many of our building materials are susceptible to excessive moisture, leading to water damage like structural deterioration and often, mold growth.  IAQ Technologies has over two decades experience in addressing indoor moisture problems—from site evaluations and detection, to clean ups and preventative measures.  The only thing worse than a water-related event in your building, is not properly addressing it.   

FREE Initial Phone ConsultationUnlike many of the insurance company “preferred” restoration firms, we are indoor environmental/building science experts. We work directly for our clients, not the insurance company, so our only objective is to get your job done right! When an unexpected water event strikes, you can count on IAQ Technologies to provide the support equipment, manpower, and project oversight to get you back on your feet again!