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HVAC Hygiene

HVAC Hygiene Assessments

What's actually in your HVAC system's ductwork? IAQ Technologies has the specialized equipment to find out. From optical borescopes and laser particle counters to state-of-the-art video robotic systems, we can give you an accurate HVAC assessment, showing you what's really in there! We've been leading the way with video-assisted duct… Read More

HVAC System Cleaning

IAQ Technologies has been a pioneer in many of the procedures and equipment used in the HVAC inspection and cleaning industry today.  We’ve cleaned miles of ductwork and hundreds of commercial air handling systems throughout the United States.Since our inception in 1990, we’ve been perfecting the use of portable HEPA-filtered… Read More

HVAC Liner Resurfacing

IAQ Technologies has perfected systems to replace or encapsulate and resurface damaged internal fiberglass HVAC liner.  All of our HVAC liner replacement and resurfacing products conform with the NFPA-90 standards for HVAC flame and smoke spread. Read More

HVAC Duct Sealing

Leaky HVAC ductwork reduces occupant comfort, wastes energy, and can cause building conditions that can lead to mold and moisture problems.  It is not uncommon for an average system to have a 15%-30% system duct leakage before a Test & Seal procedure.Our Energy Performance Division offers efficiency/leakage testing for HVAC… Read More

Drain Pan Refurbishment

IAQ Technologies offers the Pancrete® drain pan refurbishment system to fix HVAC condensate drain pans that corroded or improperly pitched for drainage.  This innovative pour-in-place product allows us to use the existing pan as form to install a new corrosion resistant surface.  Even badly rusted, leaking HVAC drain pans to… Read More