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IAQ Consulting/Air Quality Testing

          IAQ Technologies provides testing and consulting for  mold and other indoor air quality concerns.  Our indoor environmental monitoring services also include temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure drops, air flow, carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO), airborne particle & mass concentration counts, and various other types… Read More

Mold Testing & Consulting

At the forefront of the microbial remediation field for over two decades, IAQ Technologies has helped set the industry standards for mold remediation, consulting and training. We’ve been performing microbial remediation services for clients throughout the U.S. since our company was founded in 1990, long before mold testing & removal… Read More

Moisture Investigations

IAQ Technologies has an array of moisture detection and monitoring equipment from moisture meters and probes, to long-term data loggers, and IR thermal imaging cameras, allowing locate unwanted moisture in your building.  Our field technicians have the technology and expertise to pinpoint indoor water/moisture problems and offer solutions to resolve… Read More

Remediation Project Design/Oversight

As experienced IAQ consultants, we understand the importance of assessment and project design in conjunction with good engineering practices for implementing successful indoor environmental remediation efforts. That experience translates into remediation projects that solve problems, rather than creating new ones. IAQ Technologies can develop basic parameters or detailed specifications to… Read More

IAQ Control for Construction

Another problematic time in the indoor environment is during construction and renovation work. These potentially adverse situations are often compounded when occupants must stay in the building. We can play a critical role on your project design /management team in the design and monitoring of indoor environmental engineering controls to… Read More

Ventilation Studies

IAQ Technologies can assess the ventilation effectiveness of your building’s HVAC systems by monitoring indicators such as carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a host of other parameters.  We will tailor a study to meet your facility’s specific needs and budget.  Read More

Expert Witness Testimony

We provide professional consulting support services and expert witness testimony for legal cases concerning indoor environmental and/or building performance issues. Contact our office today to find out how we can assist your legal team. Read More

IAQ Training for Facilities

IAQ Technologies offers a variety of training packages for facilities personnel from introductory courses on indoor air quality, to hands on seminars on specific topics of interest like HVAC maintenance and advanced IAQ management skills. We can custom tailor and deliver an in-house training program to meet your specific needs,… Read More