Why Be Normal?

Posted on 06/26/2014 by Bob Krell

Why Be Normal?

"Normal. Normal is regular, average, medium. Normal is safe, familiar, warm and comfortable. Normal is the thing you know. It is what is. But, normal isn't great..." From Mini Cooper's "Not Normal" video, 2012.

I ran into that extended video-commercial again recently, and was reminded about the message it carried. It's all too easy to just be "one of the crowd" and conform to the status quo these days. Our society pushes us to take the safe route, and be "normal". Don't make waves, whatever you do!

I'm not saying that some sense of uniformity is a totally bad thing, or advocating a state of anarchy and chaos instead. But what if everyone played it safe? There would be no one to push the boundaries, to take the risks, to explore the possibilities. What fun would that be?

A little over a year ago I decided to step over the lines, from 25+ years as an indoor environmental consultant and contractor, to becoming an online multi-media publisher. But not just that, to push that new media format into places that were never before possible. A damn scary proposition for someone approaching the age of 54 at the time. Safe? Familiar? Warm and comfortable? Hardly--not by a long-shot! But, who would want to be normal?

Dare to be a risk-taker, to step outside of the box. Sure, failures are inevitable...they're part of the ride. Just remember, "Normal can never be amazing..."

Mini Cooper Not Normal Video still

Watch the 1:30 minute Mini Cooper video on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/6R_D4V-Ns3Y


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